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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 11, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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we'll check the y bridge and the east shore freeway okay police do have some sunshine and not so much when you have winds going down suhine, staying the same or keep it lookinoutside of the golden gate bridge extra gold this morning looks eautiful very bright down the all across the bay area stil windy for our north bay area's but wind are showing signs of calming and wi continue to do just thatinto the afternoon areas that were calm yesterday like ride along the bay in the coast just going to remain that way today so most of us are already free of the winds in areas that saw hanging on yesterday are about to see a dying doas well lots of sunshine, t just this morning but through the day 40's an50's already on the maberkeley you spent much your morning in the low 60's. ju like the currently is at 61 degrees couple of chilly spots up in the north bay that we can ignore but most of us are definily starting things off are really comfortable later on today do exct daytime highs in the 60's to low 70's. that's warmer than
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we should be beheaded don't think too many of us are complaining about it just get out ere and enjoy rob. over to the bay bridge toll plaza, commute into san francisco r will be heavy and backed up all the way through the maze 5 80's now be on 24 the east shore freeway at's ing to be pockets coming out of hercules so right now. >>you're 13 minutes making it to thbottom of the nam and off to fremont street. here's a peek at the east shore freeway for coming from that direction 36 minutes from crockett 2 oaklyn under 20 minutes for west 24 out of walnut tree through the caldecott and er to the maze or maybe you're commuting out othe south bay, the uadalupe parkway north now avaging 21 minutes to make it from 85 up to highway one o one james darya thanks robin all right back to our big story this morning at 8 o'clock teachers san ramon in the senate on valley school district voted to authorize a strike does thatmean that the kids are not going to and their teachers in the clssroom soon. >>kron four's will tran is covering this live from san
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ramon. well. >>here's what you need to know at the very least the kids have school in the indefinite future because th will have a public hall meetg with the teachers this month and ne month. so you can clearly see school is in session but when they will go on strike is anybody's guess but we do know that the teachers union they are taking the necessary steps to one day possibly walk off the joand walk on the picket lines because right now by l they just simplycannot do that they have to make sure that they fall all follow all the guidelin and once all the guidelines are lfilled and they still don't get what th wa then they'll be able to walk off t job. here is jason baker one of the parents at the school. you're your wife is actually a teacher as well, your reaction right now it boils down to a lot of things but most spifically a pay raise what's your reaction to that. >>right yeah when i listen to
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the teachers both my wife the teachers in my my children's school here. what they're asking for is not some exbitant pay raise and they're not even asking for more, then what they e as the market place's inflation right. but what they are seeing is a district that ands out these pay raises 10's of thousands of dollars for themselves well over what they're even asking teachers to take a d then they want to sit there and senthese letters out like they did yesteray with these like they're being so generous what they do iit facts and that is that they' going to sacrifice counselors they're going to sacrifice nurses. they're going to sacrifice th backbone of our education system here me ask you this what will happeif the teachers go on strike is a hardship on both sides specifically parents like yo >>and income we've covered this story so many times sir we're going to make the sacrifice in the short . >>because we know that this is a bigger issue is are we as a community committed to ou students and our teachers or we committed to the district office i think we need to
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decide that if wecommitted to students and teachers that we need to stand by them right now very good take a look at your scen for people at home i have a reaction from the school district this is what they sent out to us in the overnight hours d they say if the district were to agree to all all of the current proposals the would be on a path o insolvency the board and the district remain optimistic that a settlement can be reached both sides have already sat before a mediator twice that will happen one more time if that doesn't happen then they will ask the ste to get involved and if that doesn't happen. >>then they're marching towards a possible strike and do not be fooled into thking that the school here is getting closer and tt not might not be a strikebecause we saw last year union city the teachers walked off the job right before finals and student so everything is on the table this particular including obviously the strike but right now you're good to go if you're a parent back to
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yo >>thank you very much well, 8 oh 4 and another big story, another case of the corona virus in california. yeah we had a patient who is an adult who came in fromwuhan china landed at a military base in san diego last week that person is confirmed to have it may well have several other peop in that very same flight they are also hospitalize but just for observati. others on that flight have sincbe cleared and released there arnow 13 people with the virus the united states 7 are in california. in the bay ea, the santa clara county supervisors have responded to e corona virus by extending local health emergency until mah, 11 net kron four's dan kean has the very latest now from the south bay. santa clara county supervisors have extend a loc health emergency >>due to the corona virus. it was a week ago when county health officer doctor sara cody first made the seven-day declaratn when there were 17,50 worldwide. now that global
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number has more than doubled and it ntinues to grow. in a report to thboard cody sa in part the virus is considered a serious public health threat because much is unknown. but she goes on to say e declaration and proclamation did not signify any particular irease in risk to the residents of saa clara county. but they do unable to county to more effectively respond to the outbreak c can utilize mutual aid potentially obtain reimbursement anensure that the county's public heth professionals have all necessary tools at their disposal to keep the community safe. the vote by the board of supervisors extends thi public health emergency through march 11th. >>again still just2 confirmed cases here in santa clara county. at the county administration building in san jose dan kerman kron 4 ne. >>as corona virus concerns grow across the bay area 're business in the city. it's and
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slowing down there 39 is a prime example we talk a spokesperson there that says restaurants are experiencing fewer walk ins. a lot more cancellations at the last minutby tour groups. fog harbor fish house which is typically a hot spot for chinese tourists reports it's off 5% decline in staurant walk ins as well also the hotel sector in fact the president ceo of the hotel council of san francisco says they are also eing a slowdown. >>it tells of seeing cancellations in the last few wes with people either in down coming in from asian from china specifically in some statein the hotel they spend money outside the hotel as well so one our rooms are for often are rooms that's around them as well hotels are concerned and we want to make sure we doeverying we can to protect our visitors and our employee >>well don't expect it to any better anytime soon fact later othis week sfo is reporting that it is going to be suspending 77% of all of s flights to and fromchina. speaking of china, here's some
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deo out of uhan where a hospital arantine zone has been set upand you can see of so of the employees suiting up to help deal with some of the patients that have corona virus. the death toll is now over a 1000 in mainland china with over 2400 new cas identified in china. yesterday alone. worldwide over3,000 people are now infected. >>it's 8 oh 8 and inthe east bay, a california ghway paol officer is charged with having with a teenage girl in da's has announced 3 felony chargeainst 34 year-old officer, brian watkins lice investigated him after getting a reportthat he had a relatiohip with a teenage girl last july. they say he met with the teen in fremont while he was off duty and they do not believe there are any other victims. take a look at this pill and people hitch a ride with muni and san francisco and d it's a st
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ride as you can see they're not the safestthing to do that. >>that kid doesn't se to be bothered and he's not the only one. this as speeds along 70 on 19th avenuein the city kron four's dan thorn has reaction from uni ders. >>videos of a manillegally hitching a ride on an sf muni train are turning heads and raising red flags about safety. a cond angle showing a man wearing a backpack emingly carefree as a way to some riders inside are heard laughing, but others say this behavior is not funny, it's crazy i i can't believe peop are so reckless eric mock he says he uses muni to t around the citevery day he thks people who do this should understand how dangerous it is anhow badly an accident may hurt notonly themselves but other riders. >>i think we'll all be isrupted some up ahead
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bubbly in life support somewhere this wasn't the on time you the surfing has been caught ocamera another video shows a man witha skateboard having fun and boppg along near 17th strt. >>muni writer munir tr says it, i'm not shocked. we are ee things in some case the muni trains might too full and some people could bedesperate to get a ride muni ship i put in mo chain so people don't think that they need that they ve e need to. >>jump on the back. a spokesperson for sfmta which oversees muni tellkron 4 news that train hopping is illegal and dangerous th agency is right now explorin options to raise awareness to keep this from happening to you can't regulate stidity but i think you know just that. >>a little common sense. >>all of ucan go a long way. >>rerting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news.
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>>well haening right now bark ambassads are now patrolling the trains and the platfos hoping to make things safer for you during this pilot program will be 10 uniformed ambassadors on patrol, so you'll see people dressed like this walking up and down the trains and on the platforms 7 days a week to be in pairs. well also be an set of eyes and a presence on the trains to if you need y help the riders will see them more heavily on the busy routes like the corridor from 12 street in oakland to thcivic center stations. but as night falls apparently they're also in ride the trains l the way to thend of the lines to make sure the trains are cleed out. >>'ll be right in that raise it more visible haven't hih visibility on a train. at role in a kind of the escalating situatien is where don't necessarily have to call the police an does educate in give people resources that we have i think that's the best wathey will be able to impact the commutyi'm going to grasp on to kandahar every to grad school wasn't >>for my sake is a >>the 6 month program ends in
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august rk will continue to talk or write or so to see if it's succsful and if there's any changes at may be made going foard. morning news voting in new messages from the top the candidates,making their final pitch to get votes and gust winds to blame for breaking windows at the millenniu tower. how the city is reacting to that. first tch out for strong winds and out for strong winds and falling trees in the east bay.
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>>in right noand taking a look at some sunshinin san francisco. i see whe lot more of it across the bay area toy lot like yesterday just minus the winds a little it more light helps out usually does when that wind kicks in it feels a lot colder than it actually exactly we don't see the winds of the yet today we're going keep that sunshine around san francis looks great as de san jose if you could are both stubborn of cameras and they're looking outside at the east bay berkeley, you're looking nice and clear right now no cloud cover no fog out there in the skies currently a clear skies to stay that way courtesy high pressure continuinto be built up to our west. we still do have this warm and drair that's pushing out into the bay but really mostly just feeling those breezy conditions up inthe north bay in especially up in our higher elevations of the north bay
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winds will ease into the afternoon and areas tt had been calm yesterday will remain calm tod with those winds calming down even for north bay neighbors after 11:00am wind advisoes exring in those upper elevaon areas of the north bay that continue to be under wind advisories this mornin into the afternoon here is we can expect as far as temperatures go some pretty nice conditions overall most of us in th60's whether you're out the coast or further inland. but there are more 70's on the map than en at we saw yesterday and you pair that with calmer wis and all the sunshine that we've got and we are in for a really ni one at santa clara and sajose each 69 for highs east bay temperatures, upper 60's for u as well with some low 70's in walnut creek concord and ichmond north bay tempratures low to mid 70's, vacaville and fairfield mid 70's for you while santa rosa petaluma and avato each in the low 70's today. here's the next 7 days tomorrow, looking a lot like day clear skies
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remain dry conditions remain and temperatures well above average on into thursday and friday a littlcooler we fall to the 60's where willstay for much of the rest of the forecast. robert thank you john just getting word of a new trouble spot. this is right off the car keenest bridge. this is westbound 80 at the pomona accident. >>we have a crash involving several vecles and one of them flipped er and looks like there's a big rig involved awell so chp has sued a traffic alert 80 west of kimono your 2 rightlanes are blocked. and now that has traffic on 80 backed up all the way across a car teen is now spilling into valais w so if you come out of the and you got to get over to crockett or maybe down to return or maybe even san this traffic on the cartoonist behind this keep my eyes on it what i want to oss the golden gate not bad, but it's busy 36 mutes novato to the toll plaza when you come off there's all you heavy traffic southbound oil all the way over to chardson so not b across the span are pretty
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busy approaching san francisco city streets oakland to san francisco. this crowd, it's not going topan out any time soon 80 west backed up and heavily it goes all the way through e oakland maze for that's the norm quick peek at a new motorcycle accident to 37 west near lafayette. make that lawrence expressway 2 lanes blocked so you're backed up all e way into milpitas the crass on to 37 but you'rebacked up on 2.80 south. and then that slow out of milpitas fremont union city hayward so it's not helping the nimitz and then if you're traveling into san francisco still jam north one oh one 15 minutes from brisbane to 80 chains. >>all right, thank you very much rob and take a look at this a golf course in the east bay eaning up after winds knocked down trees watch the cameras it pans to the right and then behind the golfers. u see a trickle down we'll play it ain. this happened over the weekend at the last to see his golf course in livermore the winds so stng but also branches as well all over the cour crews say could take up to a month to clean it all up.
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>>and high winds are to blame for shattering a window at th millennium tower which shower the leaning tower in san francisco, they discovered it sinking and leaning and of course after it was bill and they've really never been abe hear go one window break when we gokron four's every kelly with a closer look now at what they're doing around the ground keep people saf the yellow tape blocked off stres arnd the millennium tower and emergency crews responded after shattered glass was discovered on the streets below at around 11:30am sunday, the park on top of the transbay transit center was also close the public has broken shards were picked up it turns out the glass came from a shattered window on the 41th floor which has since been covered up with a patch, no injuries were reported which at let one passer by noted was very lucky help us we are that nobody got hurt it was a sunday low trafc day the city's department of building spectiocame out to the
8:20 am
luxury condo building sunday and we're backout again on scenemonday. >>they say they've requested an engineeringreport from the building's management building inspectors have been here several times in recent years since the now infamous tower and now leaves nearly a foot and a half an engineering fix for thatproblem is expected to get under way some time this year a spokesperson for the millennium tower homeowners association says the shattered window hano relationship to the structural integrity of this building. >>he calls it a fluke that's both a combination of mother nature and human error. he says the resident of this particular condo inadvertently leftthe window open and was force winds ipped up it gale city nee to. ndow to break the >>make the homeowners association and developer unt to their windows system this is something that i take very very seriously. the llennium tower isn't supervisor. aaron peskin his
8:21 am
district earthquake prone town the highwinds are not record wins by any stretch of the th fact that this could happen to a window that was open that's crispy acceptable is unacceptable to me should be and it's unacceptable to the department of building inspection. and is profoundly dangerous. the spokesperson for the homeowners aociation says all of the building's windows have been inspected over the last year and a half. >>and residents have now been alerd to close their windows when there's a notification of a high wind event in the future. >>ureen key kron 4 news. >>has resigned as san francisco's public works director mayor london breed to placed him on leave when he was arrested and charged with public corruption along with the owner of left field tools thamo, this breed has already appointed an acting irector and says the department is going to move forward undenew leadership. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news voting in new hampshire's primary is
8:22 am
underway, we'll tell you the messge is from the top candidates as they make their final pitch to voters plus vanessa brnt makes a new instagram post as she mourns the deaths of her husband and very aug will have the
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8:25 am
are a t calmer so that means rly is going to be a pretty smooth sailing day for those of you that are traveling around winds primarily come all across the bay now liverme and fairfield just a le on the breezy side but even that will calm down into the afternoon ahead of us. current temperatures right now 50's an60's for most areas san fransco, half moon bay in valais how all in the 60's really nice way to start the day. santa rosa nevado an antih a little cooler down in the 40's currently. over in crockett this is just as you come off the cartoonist bridge heading west on 80 see is right here. this is a car that flipped over a totruck has already moved into position to try and get a pride in cleared we have fire crewon scene as well so definitely a hot spot 80 west and kimono your 2 right lanes now blocked off and then you're back upbehind the crash. it'sgoing to spill all thway across the kerch enos bridge into valais how so everybody's tapping on the brakes now to get a little
8:26 am
break after thcrash because everybodstuck in that back up and then you're slow again leaving put all enriment sell 38 minutes from crockett to the maze with the new overrn accident in your way out check back in on itnd we'll take a look at some more trouble spots coming up in a bit are thank you robin 8, s and bryant made another emotional instagram post says she's coping with the death of her husband colby and thei daughter. she says she refuses to accept that theye gone, but she also says she realizes she has to be strong for her 3 surviving daughters. >>and she says she knows what she's feeling is part of the grievg process. a celebration of life for colby gian a and the 7 other viims of the helicopter crash is going to be february 24th at the staples center in los angeles. clara county district attorney ernie announces great success and processing rape kits which is leadg them to greater success in finding
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and traffic a less breezy today which is going to good for but there's some traffic to you t good for have too hot spot have one right off the car keenest bridge that's an over turn and then 3 lanes blocked on to 37. so a lot going onlet's head over to 81st look at that. u have the fire truck on the right right there in the middle that's overturned car.
8:30 am
this is right off the car. keen is a bridge you also see a tow uck right over here on the left a tow truck has moved into position. here's your verturned car and then of course we have th fire truck on scene this is westbound 80 at pomona so the 2 ght lanes are blockeoff there's a special traffic alert in plac and its really gonna jam you love trying toget across the car came as fresh look at that long line it's through the tolls across the span int will lay whoa backed up all the way out to sonoma boulevaro that's one hot spot that i'm tracking this is your drive times so once you get rough the scene there it's going to be you know the ual crowd through panel in richmond. on down to the lower the shore lot of folks are stuck behind the crash. so you're just about 40 minutes for your drive time and then this motorcycle accident to 37 at lawrence, the 3 left lanes are closed. syou have some heavy traffic on to 37 west baed up into milpitas now it's illing er to the nimitz which was already slow.
8:31 am
so yet another hot spot in your way we'll check in on some more slow downs coming up in a bit john. >>well robin we are it's slowly getng a little warmer as the sucontinues to rise in the horizon we already started the morning on a mild now and this afternoon is it gog to feel like the middle of febrary unseasonably warm weather ahead. so lots of sunshine over to iran already has were seen for the restf the day still holding on to some windy conditions far north in the bay while the rest of us are nice and calm north bay eases out of those windy conditions you' en the past few days and back into much calmforecast for you s well so improvements across that e board as far as winds go agaitoday and just keeping the sunshine around which certainly is nice 40's and 50's for most of our current temperatures and a w 60's on the mouth ke in san francisco and delay whoa ch at degrees for clar at 59 oakland and not too bad 56 right now. later today, expect temperatures in the 70's for a feareas low 70's. most
8:32 am
notably for the east bay and our inland north bay areas. i do have more on your forecast. still ahead james. all right, thank you john one of our big stories this morning comes out of the south bay where we have santa clara county noleading e way in processing untested ra kits so ey can try to solve some of the assault cases that have been backed up for years on 4 sarah stinson is ve with the details on this and. >>how would help sarah. >>e santa clara county district atrney's announcing this great success that way they process these rape kits in a quicker way, and they're now trying to get em done within 30 days or less and they're actuly averaging them with 16 days, so that's a huge improveme from the years past back in 2018 the board superviso in this county voted to give a this a team funding to make this all happened at that time it took them about 94 days to process
8:33 am
rape kits and as i said now hey are averaging with about 16 days and the assault response team says a stranger rapes are now even tested within 5 to 7 dato increase their chances of findg the suspect now since the county approved funding back in 2018 they'vbeen able to process the backlogs there was 269 rape kits awaing processing at the crime lab l of those have been tested in the backlog has w en eliminated andthe funding allow the unty to re 2 additional crimalists to theialready 3 person team. >>this helping lve the assaultcases quicr including e earer this montwhen a young san jose woman was sexually assaulted the evidence was quickly tothe crime lab with priority and within 48 urs tre was a match with the suspect and officers were able to make an arrest e county has also expanded their say program this allows rape victims to go to a nearby hospital and get tested get that kid ne and now they've expanded to more
8:34 am
hospitals thoughout the county now the district attorneys will be having a press conference at 9 o'clock where he'll be a talking this continuing efforts and hopefully they'll jut continue to expand will become even quicker. >>for now, i'm live in n okay. thank you very much news sheriff. a 33 right now and people are voting in new hampshire's primary as we speak this is a live look. >>and people going to the polls selecon organizers are under extra pressure to make sure that everything runs smoothly at the pe yeah given what happened in iowa. they wantto make sure that and cleanly. me out quickly >>and hopefully that wi be the case and will know by this time tomorrow who's in the lead. wee got leyla santiago now the very latest. >>i think we got a path to viory for the >>nomination tension growing between senator bernie sanders and pete buttigieg making their last appeals to primary voters.the digits looking for
8:35 am
support fromthose who may feel alienated by sanders progressive agenda. i'm concerd that the idea that you've got either be for revolution. or you st be fo the status qupaints a picture ere most of us can see ourselves. where most of us don't know where we fit in. sanders once again attaing buttigieg and joe biden for their rich backers my friend mister are my friend, joe biden. >>dozens and dozens of billion as contributing to their campaign. iowa. biden looking ahead to contests in more diverse state i'm anxious to get to south carolina, nevada our view this is you know of a a package of 4 just out of the gate and i don't i can judge who's going to be likely be able to win the nomination, and so you have the africa american vote and the latino vote. don't come unl later. >>biden isn't alne in needing a strong finish in new
8:36 am
hampshire. >>so as you probably heard we're on a biof a surge. >>amy klobuchar are making a plea voters still on the fence and i've ways told people that if you are tired of the tremes in our politics and the noise and the nonsense you havea home with me elizabeth warren stressing democrats should reflect on hothey failed in 2016, we can't have democrats firing at democrats are democrats man and other decrats. we have got pulled together asa party. because we've got to beat donald trump. president trump was also here for a ray last night so you're a lot of repuicans tomorrow. >>ll vote for the weakest candidate possible of the democrats, my only problem is i'm trying to figure out who istheir weakest caidate. i think they're all week. >>well votersin 3 small towns in new hampshire have already cast their votes. their polls opened at midnight. we're talking very small towns in fact in total 27 people voted
8:37 am
early this morning, the democratic primary so far senator amy klobuchar are in theeech as 8 votes. more than any other candidate, bernie sanders in second place with just 4 votes. the rest of the polling places across new hampshirewill close at 4 o'clock our tie th afternoon will begin reporting those results as soon as they come out. >>in the east bay over police are lookg for the owners of a bunch of toolsthat wer found in a stol carlook at them all these tools are worth $12,000 or more and they come from various places obviously because there's all kinds of writtenon them and they were found in the stolen car that crashed afer a chase an it on 73thavenue in san leandro crimes but now they' trying n to fire out how to eat thes tools back to they belong to there's so many different name are codes or they're labeled with dierent things that's as hot abraham. so if you think that you own me of that stuff called the oakland police department. >>still ahead on the kron
8:38 am
00:04am morning news. a homecoming at the chase center former warris teammates will s bring you some of that. >>plus we'll introduce you to a rerkable woman from right here in northern california who spent years rescuing and rehabilitating animals it's a heartwarming story will have that and then after the break decratic presidential candidate mike bloomberg roing out his immigration plan we're going hear from a member of his campaign about what bloomberg's vision is for immigration in states like california. here's a quick look outside the richmond center ll bridge toll plaza where traffic moving along slowly, but surely the problem withyour trafficheck john with your forecast in just a moment. oba: he's been a leader throughout the country f the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is he. vo: leadership in action. yor blmberg and president obama work together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to delop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs.
8:39 am
obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achd when we bring people together to seek agmatic solutions.
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>>and we're back at 8.40 democratic presidential has unveiled his immigration plan. take a quick look here hicampaign says his plan s one of unity and respect and integrity. it would apparently rolled ck several of the president's policies, including the current travel ban onpeople fromcertain muslim majority and afrin countries he also says that 'll construction of the border wall. >>specifically that plan a at pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrantin this country he would restore the provisions are programs are for young dreamers are for those immigrants that nefit from firms such as tvs.
8:42 am
>>and backp. >>bloomberalso ms to adress the immigration and naturalization backlog which is currently more th a million ses pending. his plan also opens up citizenship opportunities for immigras o started businesses who graduate th degrees in people who are doctors and nurses. >>we'll take a quick break, your teeth, 42. a live look outside of san francisco international airport, the sunshine out there, we'll be right bak.
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>>kron four's profiling remkable for remarkable very a woman is part of a natiwide series by our parent comny next our broaasting to honor amazing achievements ahead of women's history month which is in march. we're going to pick one winner from our for remarkable woman to get an all expense paid trip to thmel robbins show in new york city. highlighting someone who has a lot to do with these cute animals you see in the monitor bend me surely ziler has been described by some as a saint because she rescues anims like the ones you se here. she did order her whole life forcefully to call met withher and haher story. >>sleep for shirley zindler is secondary. she wakes up every 2 hours to feed the animals, she's fostering. at any given
8:46 am
time she houses up to 10 adult dogs and some 20 puppies and cats read out these pages and pet condos throughout her home in sebastopol similar spent 30 years working in sheltersnd as an animal control officer for sonoma county vote. but a heart condition forced an early retirement, it's more hours. >>and i don't get paid but it's also very rewarding. >>by the support of her husband and with her 2 grown children living elsewhere 4 years ago zindler founded the nonprofit organization dogwood animal rescue turning your house into a shelter during the fires we we house the animals that were evacuated. during the floods. we house the animals the dedicated network of more than 200 volunteers, she takes pets in arranges for them to be spayed or neutered and cares for them until the animals are ready for adoption betting on one and letters for saving thousands of lives far more
8:47 am
than we could ever save just through rescue in 4 years she says her group has saved more than a 1000 animals from death to and receives up to 20 request today from people either needing help with a rescue or assistance addressing a pet's health, it's just such a team ke we've all pulled together to make this happen and i have had people tell me that i inspire them but they inspire me to similar knows not every animal can be saved and she can't help every don't tell her for her life is everything and she's in the business of saving lives in sebastopol fepe could all kron 4 news we're going to announce the winner in early march and be sure to watch or other profiles every tuesday at this time for the next 3 weeks. >>and you can catch them all robin show every day at 03:00pm right here on kron 4. checking in on some hot spots in your way starting off with 80 as soon as you come off the cartoonist bridge crews are dealing with this overturned crash. this is westbound ad mona so as we roll through
8:48 am
crockett thisis the car that flipped over right here you have a tow truck on scene that vehicle has been uprighted. >>but it has not been cleared so your 2 right lanes are still shut down a traffic alert remains in place your backup is just growing look at this all the way across the kerch ruble and now it's just creeping way back from 7.80 so instead of the car can miss i'm going to send youover to the benicia bridge if you can just cut over to 7 80 in take 6.80 instead if not you're going to have to sit in this very long line they haven't clear the crash at it's holding a lot of folks back so hercules rodale put all looks really good because everybody is stuck behind the overturned and then when you make it to richmond you're sitting in traffic again all the way down to oakland. so that's what's going on in shore to 37 after lawrence expressway, we have all lanes blocked. it's a motorcycle accident you only have 3 lanes and they have 3 of them blocked off so another traffic alert in place traffic jams out of milpitas actual backed up on 2 80 south as you
8:49 am
emerge on to to 37 so another rough spot, the nitz it's going to be about an hour just for you to make it from 2.38 out to to 37 and then remember to 37 is not looking so good right now could pick of th bay bridge the usual crawl from the maze. so a decent trip on the upr deck and the richmond sandra fell looks normal too busy from richmond parkway leading up to the toll plaza, a normal 13 minutes to the northbay john. >>well robin of sunshine out there today you can see that abunntly in all the traffic cams as well as hear from berkeley, not a cloud in the sky for yet another day and today we're taking the winds out of the picture at least eventually into the afternoon still some breezy spots up in the north bay this morning, high pressure is still sitting to our west. this is familiar territry. we've been here for a while now has been keeping our february very dry up to this point and now with this offshore flow. you also do have some really warm conditions too napa and fairfield among our 2 windiest
8:50 am
of spots this morning while the rest of the bay is actually enjoyed some pretty calm conditions from yesterday on through this morning. winds do come down for north bay neighbors later on you're ing to have to wait for it later up there while the rest of the bay area just enjoys the sunshine in the warm temperatures by 11:00am our last of wind advisories officially expire those isolated to higher elevations up in the north bay at this point most susceptible to some are stronger this tuesday as for temperatures 60's and 70's for daytime highs couered delay how napa santa rosa novato well above seasonal averages up into the low 70's while fremont hayward and oland each at 68 san jose peaking today just shy of 70 degrees. torrow very much so the same as today you still got all the sunshine, but it's even lighter as far as winds go so really just a plus as far as enjoying your wednesday ahead thursday and friday, a touch cooler but keep in the sunshine in the dry conditions, valentine's day looks great on friday with a
8:51 am
high on average at 64. >>the 8.50 right now and guess who is back andre gray area oh man it was so fun to see him back on the well as we said we not playing that's right. yeah we've got some video before the game where some of the warriors his old teammates have a little fun and poke a little fun at the crowd loved it. >>one of the greatest warriors in the history of the organizati back. the step and re matos job so much easier as well as coach kerr and all the coaching staff. so we're indebted to this man for what he gave us it's gooto have you back train and i can't wait to see your jersey in the rafters on tuesday. i thank everybody that supported us supported . my entire time here it definitely feels like home every
8:52 am
>>the warriors lost again and that's when the smiles join the club the east the the warriors put him away one 13 one oh one. and golden state is now officially guarantees a losing season. there's no hope games hasn't happened since 20 you had it is officially no hope to match this or is on the road tomorrow to take on it's a 52 and coming up in the 9 o'clock hour next one bay area city is named the healthiest city in america or >>and a live look here at the golden gate bridge as a priest plenty of sunshine and not too many cars heading over from arun to san
8:53 am
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>>well the trump administration says it wants to give nasa nearly $3 billion next year to help the space agency return astronauts to the moon. so imountain view, nasa showed off some of the equipment that will be using to make that goal happen right now you're looking at a wind tunnel that's used to testing new space launch systems as you see there it's 9 by 7 feet is pretty big and it will also be able to test other space equipment to that astronauts will need to achieve that goal of getting back to the on nasa's director says the extra money of course will help keep the nasa's plans on schedule. this budget profile invest
8:56 am
over billion in the first human landed systems for e moon since the apollo era. so it's it's really represents a coitment from from the administration. >>into what nasa what they've asked nasa to do which is to return to the moon and then go on to mars. >>well if all goes. well, nasa says that it could very well have boots on the ground on the moon in 2024. almost 9 o'clock you're coming up in the next hour, we have teachers in the san ramon valley area of voting to authorize a strike we'll tell you what they're fighting for and what impact this might have on students will have a live report and one county is extending its local health emergency as more cases of corona virus are popping up around the world and videos of people muni surfing are going viral, we'll tell you how officials are responding. here's a quick live look outside as we take a look here at the san mateo bridge traffic, ok under sunny skies, it's moving slowly but it's
8:57 am
moving robin winston will have a complete check of your commute to see if there are any hot spots out there. and on this sky sun shiny day on tuesday will find a firm job tuesday will find a firm job with the weather forecast is this is the denny's super slam. tuesday will find a firm job with the weather forecast is two bacon, two sausage, two eggs hash browns and pancakes and now make those pancakes all you can eat for a buck. that's where the duper comes in. the all new super duper slam just seveninetnine. see you at denny's.
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>>thanks for joining us for the finest hour. i'm daria false. and i'm james fletcher
9:00 am
let's see how fine and is out on the roads and we had a couple hiccups here and there so much over working i have a motorcycle accident blocking 3 lanes so 2 hot ots that have to talk about. >>i'm sorry out of the clear i never a all right, let's talk about the slowdown will start out right at the current king as westbound 80 as you inter crockett we have this major accident that still active. look at this we have fire crews, tow trucks all on scene this is the car that flipped over you see its back on its will so that's good news, but we still have the 2 right lanes blocked as we have several vehicles involved in this crash about 4. but the one that flipped over was the big problem or the bigger problem so a traffic alert remains in place 80 west at pomona with lots of slowing behind the scenes look at that you're backed up all the way across the kirk heinous it goes through boy


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